Hesam Samimi (Sam)

Computer Science/Programming Teacher
Independent K-12 Curriculum Developer



I am a teacher of computer science and programming, as well as an independent curriculum developer, teaching and developing project-based learning curriculums for secondary K-12 schools and online educational platforms since 2017. I have a Career Technical Education teaching credential from CA, USA. I'm also an ESL english teacher, a web and mobile app developer, and a yoga and meditation instructor.

I've recently launched Termeric, which is an online buy-and-sell marketplace for K-12 school subject curriculums.

Before discovering my passion at the crossroads of computers and teaching, I spent seven years during and after my Ph.D. studies at UCLA as a programming languages researcher, focusing on the application of artificial intelligence in programming and software development.


education of computer science & technology, computer programming, artificial intelligence (AI), web development, mobile app development, math, and ESL english, project-based learning, curriculum development for primary and secondary (K-12) schools


I recently obtained a preliminary Career Technical Education Teaching Credential in CA, USA. I received my Ph.D. in the area of Programming Languages, in 2013 at UCLA Computer Science Department advised by Todd Millstein. At UCLA, Viewpoints Research Institute, and SAP Labs, I spent seven years as a Programming Language researcher in the area of Language Design, Programming Frameworks, and the application of Artificial Intelligence algorithms in Software Development. I am a Computer Science and Programming teacher, curriculum developer, and an independent Android/iOS Mobile App Developer. I have enjoyed teaching Computer Science and Programming at Pathumthep Witthayakarn School in Thailand, Living Wisdom High School in Ananda Village, California USA, and at Connected Communities Academy. I worked with the BSD Education team, developing Computer Science and Technology education project-based learning curriculum and content for secondary K-12 schools. I also have created online courses in Programming, Mobile App Development for Android and iOS, and high school Computer Science education for Udemy.com.

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