The Love of My Life: A Head to Heart Journey

Hesam Samimi (Sam)


Why are love stories so intriguing? Why all of us so desperately want to experience true romance? I don't blame us. Swami Kriyananda said that "Human love is a part of divine love!" Behind this ceaseless seeking, be it not consciously, there lies a longing for an experience a million times grander, a distant soul-memory, to want to merge back into God.

I've sprinkled spiritual and yoga teachings on a real exciting love story of my own life, written in the retrospective style. A computer geek and never having had a love-relationship until the age of 31, my first and only love came into my life, then left it two years later. What came next was a spiritual awakening, bringing me to a life of devotion in yoga and spirituality. In this sincere, uncensored, and true story, I recount my most intimate moments, of pleasure, of laughter, and of tears and pain, before, during, and after my only love of life. It is a journey from the head to the heart, and a story of coming out of the other end of a lost relationship victorious and back in love, only larger.


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